Sunday, September 21, 2008

copyright again

I'm really very new at this. I'm hoping I'm adding to my first blog post. If not, I'll be beginning again! Anyway, I just received our textbook, Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide, 4th Ed. by Simpson. The chapters in this book are The Law, Public Domain, Fair Use, Print materials in Schools, Audiovisual materials in Schools, Music Materials in Schools, Multimedia in Schools, Distance Learning in Schools, Internet in Schools, Computer Software in schools, School Library Exemptions, Permissions, Managing Copyright in schools, Copyright and Administrators, and Copyright Policies. Whew! After I finish this book I should be an expert! Reading the introduction to the book I love the premise of the children fighting and the outcome of the teacher telling one child, "You don't take what isn't yours without asking first!" And, the author states, "That's all copyright is about."


lorena said...

Uh oh, I just read your post and found I've used the same quote from our text. (I hadn't been reading the blogs because until I signed in to do my own I couldn't comment on anyone else's.) I loved that analogy and couldn't resist using it! Am I forgiven??

vbonnie said...

How can I object? I quoted it from our text but I believe it's probably a saying that has been used long enough that it's public domain?! Just a guess!