Thursday, October 23, 2008

But I want pictures!

After reading chapter 4 in our text I agree with Rebecca's "C is for Copy" post in her blog "ABCs and 123s of Copyright". I really like pictures, but I believe I've been doing it wrong, gasp, even illegally. I love to find poems for my small groups of 1st-3rd readers. They need fluency practice so we do weekly poems. To make them more interesting and pretty, I copy color photos that go with the poem. Sigh. I believe after having become "educated" in copyright laws, I need to either gain permission, use my own pictures, or give it up. Boo! The students love them! I think what I need are some sites where I have the clip art "owner"'s permission to use the clip art. I'm not selling it, I'm not using it to publish, but I am copying it and giving it to 3-6 students. Okay! I'm afraid I'm guilty of the right clicking mouse! For this post the picture I added is my husband and kids scuba diving. That will work for one lesson, but I sure didn't have a picture of a sled dog this week! Any good websites out there that allow copying?

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