Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Findings

I've begun reading my class text, Copyright for Schools a Practical Guide by Carol Simpson. Already I'm finding out new things! I thought copyright was something new. Not so, says the author. She says that George Washington signed the first copyright law in 1798. Interesting! Now, something in my reading made me ask tsome questions. Who regulates copyrights? What organization or people actually locate all of the abusers?


Melissa D. said...

I enjoy the way you are using your blog. The journal style makes it interesting to read and makes me think about the questions you pose. Also, I love your picture...who would have thought a librarian would be a dare devil? :) Melissa

vbonnie said...

Actually, Melissa, I screamed all the way down! My 22 year old son commented that I "looked a bit out of my element." However, I'll try almost anything once and I would zipline again. It was great fun!